Currently based in Wisconsin, Sherry Strahl is a visual artist who is strongly inspired by nature. Having grown up in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan, nature is where she finds peace and rejuvenation. Working mainly with acrylic paints and ink, Sherry visually expresses the beauty and love she sees in our world. She uses different painting techniques and bright colors for her window to her creations.

She uses stipping (one dot at a time) with ink to bring out the beauty and contrast in each piece.

As an award-winning artist, Sherry's work can be found hanging in several businesses in Wisconsin as well as the homes of private collectors across the United States. Her work has been featured in several galleries and art centers.

More about Sherry

The beauty and wonder of our world is her constant companion. In Sherry’s spare time (her inspiration time), she can be found watching birds, gazing at the shapes of plants, and soaking in the colors smeared across the sky.

“I continue to avidly practice and create the best life and artwork possible. It is an honor to share my sunshine and art with others,” stated Sherry.

Artist Statement

Expressive and bold. I am driven to share beauty through ink, which highlights contrast and through paint, which expresses emotion. I draw influence from Expressionists who convey emotion and response through their work and Impressionists who use color to create movement and light.